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Get Fit, Learn Self-Defense and Have Fun with Martial Arts Classes at American Martial Arts Family Karate Systems of Cheyenne, Wyoming

Martial Arts is not only Rewarding in so many ways, it is also fun!

The truth is that the reason why the martial arts have so many lifetime practitioners is that it is one of the most fun and exciting things you will ever do. There is something intoxicating about the martial arts. It gets into your soul.

We also offer many special events at the school including: movie night, buddy night, holiday parties, and parent's night out. Our school is not the average school, we are more about just training. We are about having the most fun possible, while we train our way to mastery.

We are a family.

Our school is not just a place where people come to learn to kick and punch. Our school is a place where people form a community. There is a sense of belonging that many people find the most rewarding part of training. Soon you will find that many of your closest friends are the people on the mat next to you. Training together in the martial arts builds family better than any other hobby you could possibly choose from.

Best shape of your life.

Every class will have you facing new challenges. Our extremely talented staff will have you inspired every single time you set foot through our doors. You will find yourself accomplishing things that you never thought possible.

Martial arts is one of those sports that keep you coming back to class to learn more. One of the great things about training is that there is always something new to learn. The arts have a rich history going back thousands of years, and it is constantly changing and adapting. Even our instructors periodically attend seminars so that their teaching style is always fresh and invigorating.

As the pounds melt away and you progress through your belts. One day you will notice how good you look in the mirror. You will wonder how you were able to accomplish all of your fitness goals while having so much fun.

Start at any age.

You are never too young or too old to start. Our school is a great place for your children to make cool new friends, and for them to gain confidence. Children can also learn great bullying prevention techniques, and what to do if they are faced with a bully.

Also, there is no age where you become to old for martial arts. Many of our students are fulfilling a lifelong dream by taking our classes, and earning a black belt. Exercise is great at any age, but especially for seniors. Martial arts are great for our older students as well since there is a great emphasis placed on stretching.

This is for everybody.

Our talented instructors have been hand picked for their ability to make people feel comfortable about starting something like a martial arts program. You will find yourself feeling better than you have ever felt before. You will find that you have more energy than you ever thought possible. Martial Arts has a way of awakening inside of us vast reservoirs of strength that we never knew existed.

It does not matter what type of physical shape you are in. Whether you are already in great shape or you are coming back from years of inactivity. Even if you have never played a sport in your entire life, there is a place for you here at our school. Our dedication to our students allows us to meet every student where they are at, and develop a specific plan to help every individual meet their goals. Martial arts will not only make you physically fit, but mentally and spiritually fit as well. We meet each student where they are at, developing a curriculum specifically tailored to the individual needs of our students.

Here at American Martial Arts Family Karate Systems we believe in building strong communities one black belt at a time. Our school believes in full body fitness, making sure the whole person is well and getting the most out of life as possible.

Come and join us today!
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